Skype Launcher - two Skype on one computer in the easiest way

In this article I will try to present you the easiest possible way to login to date in two Skype accounts (two programs simultaneously open Skype) of a computer.
Solution has been a long time, unfortunately it only now learning. This is about a small program - Skype Launcher, a voluntary basis by the user in the Skype Forums - Stefan82
The biggest advantage of Skype Launcher is that it requires the creation of a second windows account - any computer you sit down to sign with a Skype-two seconds after its done just remove the code. It is important to mention also that, unlike competitors MultiSkype, SkypeLauncher works on Vista.

The program is not production of Skype Limited ®, using her own risk. Hope that no one. Test it, no problems, according to is not spyware.

Here are some guidelines:

1. SkypeLauncher download from here (
2. Extract the downloaded file
3. SkypeLauncher.exe running and ready!

You'll notice that the archives of "go" three files --
• readme.txt - Information Program
• SkypeLauncher.exe - Program
• SkypeLauncher_Config.exe - This is used only if you want to save the name (s) and password (the password) to log in to automatic.
It is important to remove the box "automatically entered to run Skype" - it will act in the first instance of Skype.

Skype Launcher without installation - in his first start added two keys on the register of Windows which can not hurt in further remove the program..

• visual basic 6 runtimes - If you have a Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Vista certainly have it if you do not - you can download it from here Visual Basic runtimes 6

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