- Skype, ICQ and others in the browser is a relatively new service that allows chat and (video) when the most popular networks in the web interface without the software you need for each program.

By can connect to multiple chat networks and VoIP through their website or program for Windows. Networks that currently support: Skype, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, AIM, ICQ, and MySpace.

Recently been added sheets in Skype. You can enter your username and password and you will notice a window with your friends and their status. You can chat and even make a video call. This service is a person in the web client and the program you can download to your computer. The only limitation now is that SkypeOut is not supported.

What can we benefit

Imo you can use when you are on your computer - at a friend or the internet room - if not relevant computer installed Skype client will be much more convenient to take advantage of his services. I know also that in many offices have banned programs Skype as communication, there may also slightly circumvent the rules, only the boss might not notice (... and do not issue me):) Do not forget the other advantage - pooling of several programs in one window - no need to suffer severe ICQ or Yahoo Messenger, you can use Imo and converse in several networks in one program. By linking the accounts, and ICQ Skayp example, when you login in Skype program automatically logging you in ICQ.
"IMO is the first such service Skype - until now strange why Skype did not have its own website which can be Online CHAT talk and no software, and gave permission to another.
The service is still not completely finished - it is normal to have bugs, but it would be good to contribute to the development of the IMO, as reported when opening them. If you have knowledge of English, can help to translate Imo.

There is no reason to worry about your data while using Skype with Internet Explorer or Firefox for example - your name and password, and everything else go through a secure, encrypted connection (HTTPS).

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