Animated GIF Avatar in Skype

Another production predator_MF - Bulgarians created WiMood

Recent fall of the GIF avatar for extra Skype. Although a few (and only) bad comments that you read off the program. Maybe you can you do that there are more negatives than positive - it is own to decide whether to try it.
The author wrote in the comments in, it is that it is not used consistently - it takes a lot of traffic and requires a lot of system resources, depending on how many contacts you have. I tested for about 10 minutes and not particularly my cargo and my machine is not new. Another thing you need to know is that Skype needs to be in English (drop-down menu "Tools" -> "Change / Select language)
Go to your Animated Avatar.
So go there and download. Sparc file, install it, then find it in the extras and then run. Choose the browse button. Gif animation and click on Start. Better use Avatar with the square shape (85h85rh, 100h100rh, 150h150rh)
And again I say, do not leave to go constantly - a few minutes, enough to impress someone - for example to put the beating heart with the name of your girlfriend.
The program is available for 5 day trial period if you want to use it and then have to pay $ 5.
Here are some sites where you can find free. Gif and generally Avatar:

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